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About Murray Hill


Situated on the Livingston County Campus in Mount Morris, a former tuberculosis hospital complex, our building was originally used  as a four-apartment dwelling for the hospital’s physicians and their families. Once separate residences, they are now interconnected to form Building 4. After the county acquired the campus, the apartments were rented as housing and have since served as office space for social services and the arts council, and as a foster home.  Most of the buildings on the Murray Hill are now home to Livingston County government offices.  In the 1930’s and early ’40’s, Building 1 was the adult hospital for TB patients; Building 2 was the children’s hospital; Building 3 was the nurses’ dormitory; Building 5 was the head physician’s home. Pictured below are residents of the hospital out for a walk on Murray Hill.


The New Deal Gallery at the Genesee Valley Council on the Arts now serves as a permanent home for the county’s large collection of WPA paintings created through a Depression-era program and allocated to the hospital in the 1930s.

Timeline of campus property history with addition of the Livingston County WPA Art Collection

Pre-1837: Land purchased by four couples, including John Murray Sr.

1837: First residence built (John and Harriett Murray).

1862: Property sold at auction to Anson Smith.

1881: Sold to Charles Shepard of Buffalo .

1883: Sold to Byron MacAlpine of Rochester ; transferred to Clara Shepard, wife of Charles Shepard.

1892: Sold to John Meech of Buffalo ; Meech defaulted; property returned to

Shepard in 1893 and sold to Herbert Wadsworth then to George Austen.

1899: Sold to George Williams of Buffalo .

1903: Sold to Ludia Pattison of Buffalo .

1933: Sold to New York State .

1933: Federal New Deal initiatives begin, including the Works Progress

Administration Federal Art Project.

1936: Mount Morris Tuberculosis Hospital opens (capacity 200 adults; 50

children – children’s hospital opened fall of 1937).

Late 1930s: 239 easel paintings produced through the Federal Art Project are allocated/loaned to the Tuberculosis Hospital ; along with murals and sculptures. The Woodstock School of Art has been identified as the delivery point for the paintings in the Livingston collection.

1949: General Services Administration [GSA] assigned custodian of all art

produced in WPA programs.

1972: Property sold to Livingston County ; art collection transfers with the

property; all art still federally “owned.”

197X-2000: Easel paintings hang throughout the Livingston County Campus and some Geneseo county offices; eventually gathered and inventoried and placed in storage.

9/16/2000: Guided Tours of the WPA Federal Art Project Works of Art at the

Livingston County Campus, Murray Hill, Mount Morris (part of the county’s millennium celebration activities; this event coordinated by the GVCA).

2005: Livingston County and the Genesee Valley Council on the Arts partner to create exhibition space on the Livingston County Campus in Mount Morris for the purpose of displaying the Livingston County WPA Art Collection. GVCA expands into all of Building 4.

12/5/2008: Livingston Arts Center and the New Deal Gallery open.