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 The Paula Henry Restoration Fund preserves an important part of Livingston County History

Mount Morris NY: Here in western New York, we have a collection of paintings created during the Works Progress Administration of the New Deal. About 250 of these paintings are on their designated site in Mount Morris on the Livingston County Campus, formerly the Mount Morris Tuberculosis Hospital. The New Deal Gallery at Livingston Arts Center showcases about 30 of these paintings, changing exhibits every six months.

After 75 years, though still lovely, most of the paintings need some help. Imperfect storage, insects, water and time have been hard on them. Wouldn’t you like to be part of this special collection? It is an ideal way to mark a special occasion, honor the person who has everything or celebrate that this wonderful collection is in our midst.

Your family, school, club or business can all take part. You can adopt a frame, clean one square inch or be a painting patron. Every contribution, large and small, goes toward preserving this important collection. You can reserve a painting and make an annual pledge for its restoration.


This is your opportunity to put a mark on our historic past. For more information call 585-243-6785. To view the collection online, click here.

Thank you so much for those who have already donated to this important cause:

Thomas Saunders & Elizabeth Lewis

Reverend Dr. Robert W. Zimmerman

Kat Nichols

Tom Taylor

Lisa & Alexander Burns

David W. Parish and David H. Parish

Paul and Hildegrade Lurk

Betty & Robert Minemier

Ken Cooper

Caroline Woidat


Dennis Revitsky

Dr. Rebecca Keim

Marnie Barton

Jean Guthrie & Sean Sullivan

Alice Thompson

Margaret A. Rosenthal

Robert Oswald

Diane Cicero

Barbara B. Weiler

Myrtle Merritt

Adopt a Painting

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a painting in our WPA collection! Please fill out the following form and allow 7-10 days for processing after submitting payment.
  • If you choose to adopt a specific painting.