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June 23, 2018 @ 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
142 Atlantic Avenue Rochester
New York 14607 United States
Laurie MacFarlane
(585) 944-2128

Alone Woman, Napi Dance (Nozhem)

Native American Social Dance

Daystar/Rosalie Jones will conduct a family-friendly workshop on the rudiments of
Native American Intertribal social dances. These are community dances for all ages,
children through adults and elders and are intended for recreation as well as to ‘honor’
the animals of any given region. Included will be the Round Dance, Two-Step, Fish,
Mosquito and River Dances. Along with the dance, Daystar will share the cultural story
that gives the meaning and purpose of each dance. All ages welcome!

Daystar/Rosalie Jones is of Pembina (Little Shell) ancestry. She learned Intertribal
Dance from various dancers and elders across the United States and Canada and has
taught both Indigenous traditional and modern dance to all ages over the last thirty