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Have you been down to Arts Underground? In addition to our New Deal Gallery and Apartment One exhibition venues, GVCA also houses Arts Underground, a community Ceramics Studio.

Created in 2012, Arts Underground’s well-equipped studio features 3 electric wheels, 1 kick-wheel, multiple work tables, an extruder, Ceramics Magazines and Resources, community –use tools, and clay and glazes – everything you need to pursue both functional and sculptural ceramics, in a friendly, supportive, and most of all, fun environment.

Arts Underground is open to the public during regular business hours. We offer affordable rates for studio use. Our kiln, which we share in partnership with the Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, is fired once a week.

Beginning in Spring 2018, GVCA will once again be offering classes in Arts Underground, starting with a Mold-Making Workshop.  We also plan on offering art networking nights and professional development workshops, with topics such as Website Development, Social Media, and Resume Writing. We are open to suggestions for classes, and welcome your input. We are also looking for volunteers, to assist in cleaning and organizing the space, and to aid instructors during workshops. For more information on Arts Underground, please contact the Program Coordinator at Melissa@gvartscouncil.org

Open Studio & Community Kiln

This is a self-directed, independent work time intended for those who have some experience working with clay AND have taken at least one class or instruction session at Arts Underground. Open Studio does not include instruction or clay.

By the hour: $5 per person per hour (plus clay)

By the month: $50 per person per month; includes private storage shelf & begins on the first of the month (plus clay)

**Rates Include: Use of communal tools, underglazes, glazes, and firing

**Please Note: Clay is not included in our open studio rates. Clay may be purchased through Studio Sales Pottery, in Avon. When purchasing your clay, please keep in mind that our kiln is fired to Cone04, so low-fire clays are suggested.

Private Lessons:

$40 per hour (plus clay)

Non-Private Lessons:

$20/per person per hour (plus clay)

Non-Profit Group Pricing:

$8 per person per hour (minimum of 4 people, 1 hr.), plus clay, must bring adult supervisors if its a kid’s group. Max. 10 students.

Group Pricing:

$10 per person per hour (minimum of 4 people, 1 hr.), plus clay*, must bring adult supervisors if its a kid’s group. Max. 10 students.

Open Studio Hours: Regular business hours, except when scheduled classes are in session

Community Workshops:

Please visit our Classes Page for a list of upcoming workshops.

Prices vary based on topic, and workshop length. Clay is included in the price of workshops.